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Click on the box and you'll be presented with a list of apps you have installed that are suitable for this category.Simply select your favorite and it will now become the default music player whenever you're using Windows 10.I was working with a client recently and they use a lot of audio files, like when they record customer service calls for quality assurance.When things go great, they wanted to highlight these cases of awesome customer support in audio clips in blog posts.Most users will want to leave this set to Stable, but other channels can receive early preview releases depending on the user's permission level. : For more in-depth information and configuration help, Please check out our dedicated Plex Media Player Audio Configuration Guide.The Device Type settings allows users to select between Basic, Optical (S/PDIF), and HDMI depending on their configuration.While the built in video and audio players are capable, out of the box, to handle a huge variety of content, users might find themselves in need of using a different playback software but still using Kodi for scraping and organizing content.

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In today’s post I’ll show you something maybe you didn’t know about your web browser, and how to use it to make this experience better.

Mozilla applications are regularly updated for security and stability; however, Mozilla does not provide updates for plug-ins.

Plug-ins can cause crashes and hangs and may contain security vulnerabilities.

The problem however is that you can’t add web parts to blog posts in Share Point. Whether you knew it or not, all the major web browsers from the time they added HTML5 support have a minimized audio player baked in, and is rendered when you insert an HTML5 tag.

In IE11 for example this is what would render: You can use mp3, wav and ogg, (varies slightly by browser version) supported by these minimum browser versions per w3schools: There’s actually a really good thorough write-up over at html5 doctor.

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