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Rapidly changing technologies influence the level, timing and character of demand for particular product versions and components.

All of this drives the need to introduce new products and services as well as to end support for older software versions.

If you click the option “Download Plesk installer for Linux”, you’ll see the actual script open in a new browser tab.

Not what we want, although you could copy and paste this into a new file on your Linux system.

We recommend checking the official Plesk Release notes on the Parallels website before proceeding with a major version upgrade of Plesk.

Plesk graphical updater uses port 8447 and it should be both opened on your server and shared/managed firewall.

My current PHP version is showing as 5.3.3 and even though I've installed (I think) newer PHP versions in the 'Install/Update Components' section of the panel the PHP version doesn't seem to change and I can't change the version.

While Plesk has maintained clear end-of-life cycles for a while now, within the old structure they were a little more accommodating (although they did not need to be) with older versions of the software.(see Related Topics section)In this article, we will present methods using both the graphical user interface in Plesk as well as the command line interface.The last section of the tutorial is a list of the most commonly used commands for the command line method.Please Note: This will open a new window and may require you to accept the security warning.For more information on the security notice please see I get a security warning when trying to login to my VPS, What now?

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