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The council then extended the date to January 7 this year, before handing the pensioner a final warning that she had to be out by yesterday. I lost my last home to the sea and am now losing another through a human decision.

I think is cruel.'The great support of other people has strengthened me and helped me to cope in an extremely stressful situation.'She added: 'We are smashing the caravan to pieces.

A Granny Flat that suits your needs and lifestyle perfectly.

A design that you fall in love with, and has a positive impact on your life, whether it be accommodating you, those you love or earning a second rental income.

Users place their smartphones into a headset to view two films that, their creators believe, will alleviate the isolation of dining alone.

Our aim is to treat you in a way that you'd have no hesitation in referring us to your friends and family.

We are now building granny flats for over 200 satisfied customers every year.

And this makes sense if you just consider the physics of the shot.

Since a basketball is 9.5 inches in diameter and the rim is 18 inches in diameter, it stands to reason that the flatter the shot, the more likely it is to make contact with the rim on its way to the net.

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