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I must get about twenty emails a week from my readers asking me to look in detail at the love match potential between Gemini and Cancer.This is a really hot topic this year since the prospects for Gemini and marriage are actually very positive.He doesn’t belong to any one place or any one person and continues to feel this separation until he finds that one woman who can hold onto his heart and definitely, the sensitive Cancer woman is one such lady.Gemini man always proves to be an interesting mate with lots to give as well as take in the relationship.Both signs can show totally different sides of their personality.You think you know them, but it only takes certain situations and certain stresses for you to look in the face of somebody that you feel that you haven’t talked to before.A Cancer woman is alert and intensely aware of human nature.She may appear to be busy in life, but her mind is cautious and measured.

You just didn’t bother to look at your wife or husband from their own perspective. The Cancer, on the other hand shares this aspect because Cancer projects a very strong, responsible and otherwise even tempered appearance. They can look very respectable, but deep down they are quivering massive insecurities, petty jealousies and other issues.His sense of security is driven by the need to invest and the fear of not having that security when it is needed most.A Gemini woman is a lady with single soul and many aspects.A Cancerian believes in action while a Geminian believes in mere words.On the positive side the wit, humour and intellect of the Gemini will appeal to the Crab and will make this match a love match.

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