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In 1991, Kevin Nealon and Victoria Jackson hosted a clip show featuring many commercials entitled Saturday Night Live Goes Commercial.In early 1999, Will Ferrell hosted a follow-up special.She represented a new breed of socialite, bursting into pop culture at a time when jewel-encrusted Motorola flip phones were a status symbol and Snapchat wasn't even a gleam in an app developer's eye. God bless, Paris." Whether any of that qualifies Hilton to anoint herself inventor of the selfie, well, that's a different story.As Washington Post fashion critic Robin Givhan opined during this year's New York Fashion Week: "There were plenty of party girls before her, but Paris - we're still on a first-name basis with her - managed to monetize empty fame. For starters, she may have to contend with Karl Baden, a 64-year-old college professor in Massachusetts.The 23-year-old was appearing in court due to accusations of the theft of a Bentley Continental, allegedly taken from Conrad’s ex girlfriend’s father, and for breaching a restraining order.At the end of the hearing, Conrad addressed the court to say: ‘I am sorry to the court and the entire state for disrespecting the court.

The following is a partial list of Saturday Night Live commercial parodies.At least that's how the now infamous remark has been translated over the years. "During my service in the United States Congress," he said, "I took the initiative in creating the internet." Paris Hilton, the hotel heiress and consummate socialite of the early 2000s, made an equally bold assertion on Wednesday, telling W magazine that she had invented the selfie.Unlike Gore, the 36-year-old "celebrity entrepreneur" of reality show and sex tape fame didn't seem to equivocate.Wherever in the world you are travelling to or from, Bankside is ideally situated with streamline connections to airports, mainline rail and the Tube networks.It seems that every week there are news stories around the issue of pornography and over the past few months, there has been a spate of stories on legal debates and scandals surrounding the issue of ‘sexting’ (sexually explicit photographs or messages sent to another person via texting).

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