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Significant group differences in functional connectivity between the right amygdala and left ventrolateral prefrontal cortex (vl PFC) during task performance.

Correlation data were averaged within each region that survived a spatial clustering procedure using a corrected P value of less than .05 and extracted to illustrate coactivation patterns within each group.

China's overseas investments could mushroom over the next decade, bringing significant economic benefits to Britain but also, potentially, considerable financial dangers, according to the Bank of England.

More than 20 people have been arrested by the Chinese police in relation to a “Ponzi scheme” that reportedly took some 50 billion yuan (.6 billion) from nearly 1 million investors.

The Harbor of Refuge seeks to foster support, interaction, learning, mindful expression, and mindful listening among its peers.

Friends and loved ones of those with bipolar disorder are also more than welcome.

The suspects allegedly lured investors with promises of high-interest pay-outs from leasing projects, the official Xinhua news agency reported.

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Harbor of Refuge bipolar website is intended to serve as a safe and comfortable place for people who are receiving appropriate medical treatment for their bipolar illness, including appropriate medications.

Many of the countries on this list are proof of that, such as Denmark and Finland.

Even though both countries are more socialistic than America, the workforce remains stronger.

Among those arrested was Ding Ning, the chairman of Yucheng Group, which launched Ezubao in July 2014.

“It was known for a long time that Ezubao was heading for trouble because it was so aggressive,” Joe Zhang, a veteran peer-to-peer business owner and executive claimed to the Financial Times.

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