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The Southern Minnesota Adult Soccer Association (SMASA) is located in Rochester and draws players out of the surrounding area.

To get join a team in any given league, please contact the leagues directly.

If you have additional questions, please contact the Festival Office at 800-966-8215 for more information. All dogs must register before entering at the front enterance. Dog owners must report any incidents to the First Aid, Police or Security Services immediately.

To be eligible to bring your dog to the Festival the following terms must be met: Fill out the Dog Registration Form, Bring Proof of Rabies Vaccination in one of the following forms: Proof of shots from Vet or Tag on Pet with date of expiration & a photo of your pet. All dogs must be on a leash at all times and the leash can not exceed 4 ft. All dogs must have their festival tag visible at all times.

The MASL season begins league play in late April and ends in late July/early August.Living in the cold requires more energy, and thus more food.The migrating eagles make their way by riding thermals, currents of warmer air that rise from the bluffs and hillsides lining the river corridor.The Summer Flower will feature a variety of petunias, geraniums and lilies.Some other prominent purples include Purpletop Vervain, Russian Sage, Beebalm, Butterfly Bush, and Heliotrope.

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