Local sober dating

A new website called Sexy and Sober Singles aims to make the process a little easier.“We’re just trying to help like-minded people who don’t drink find a place where you don’t have to explain why you’re not drinking or what your issue is,” co-founder Shannon Shea tells . The idea of going out on a date without the comforting blanket of alcohol to boost your confidence can seem intimidating.

REMEMBER WHILE YOU DATE: You and your sobriety come first!Adding the stress of a possible heartbreak can cause great damage to your progress in recovery, and even lead to relapse.If you are looking for ways to navigate new or old relationships in addiction recovery, you should check out our Relationships in Addiction Recovery EBOOK.Put simply, they’ve been avoiding reality and their true emotions for a very long time – usually several years or even decades – and without the ability to moderate those sensations (via an addictive substance or behavior) they can very easily become overwhelmed and/or addled.One moment they feel awesome, on top of the world, incredibly attractive, and unbelievably horny; the next moment they feel like the world’s biggest pile of dog crap, completely unworthy of love and affection.

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