Keep my computer updating

Hopefully that will stop Windows 10 from rebooting automatically, although the OS will probably re-enable the task at some point.Windows 10 software updates install on your device automatically (whether you like it or not), but this guide can help you retake control and decide when to install them.In this Windows 10 guide, we'll walk you through the steps to prevent updates from automatically installing on your computer.

Windows 10 Windows Update is automatically turned on in Windows 10 and cannot be turned off for home users.SEE ALSO: Microsoft finally lets users pause updates in Windows 10 The first thing to do is to make sure Active Hours are set -- this will stop Windows 10 rebooting at a time when you are likely to be using your computer. Click on Change active hours, and set the time when you start using your PC, and the time when you finish. You can also request additional notifications before Windows restarts, giving you more time to save your work.Another way for non-Insiders to control when Windows 10 restarts following an update is through the Control Panel.Below are steps on how to perform these updates, as well as additional recommendations to help update your computer.If you are running Microsoft Windows 98 or later, at least some updates should be available for your computer.

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