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made friends and was poking fun at nathan’s scarf until he showed us this.

every time i’m in this room i want to lay down on the wall up there oh ps: the cabaret…

A British deal followed, with the record receiving rave reviews, eventually leading to an American release.

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The depth of his lyrics are matched by the intensity of his performances, all of which ring with emotions so true, one can only presume that he experienced them all for himself.

“I wanted to create a world with this album, an experience that is unique and unified.” It is a new perspective for Nozuka, who says that finding the heart of Ulysees was a winding process.

A marked departure from his previous work, the journey of creating it was a slow transformation and free-flowing experiment of sorts that began in 2011.

I was urged to get into production by a good friend, so I took his advice and decided to learn to produce.

"The Alessia Cara album is so effortlessly effervescent, and it really captures her spirit from track-to-track." "She's Canadian, you know." Some have called it The List, which remains unspoken, but for some reason we all know it more-or-less by heart.

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