How to stop updating windows xp to sp2 black lesbian dating or chat

Microsoft understands this and provides detailed guidance about blocking the automatic delivery of XP SP2 via Windows Update and Automatic Updates at The methods described on this Web page will work until April 12, 2005, at which time Windows Update and Automatic Updates will deliver XP SP2 regardless of whether the blocking mechanism is present on a system.(That date is also the scheduled date for a monthly cumulative security update.) You can download a tool that blocks delivery of XP SP2 at The download includes an executable file, a script and Group Policy administrative template, and some sample email messages that you can send to users; the sample messages contain links users can click to either block or unblock the delivery of XP SP2.XP SP2 blocking is controlled through the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\Windows Update\Do Not Allow XPSP2 registry subkey.We highly recommend that you run Windows Update and install any Critical Updates.These updates will close security holes in your computer and hopefully prevent you from being hacked or infected with viruses.Once Downloaded, They can be tranfered to a USB key.

Consequently, some customers want to prevent their systems from automatically downloading XP SP2 until they've tested the service pack thoroughly and are better prepared to deploy it.then type 'disable intelppm' to disable that driver from running.Reboot" Unbelievably it appears that Microsoft have had the same problem with Windows XP Service Pack 3.Before start windows update is recomemded to close all aplications.If you choose in windows update the Custom option, then it´s possible to install "Optional software updates" and "Optional hardware updates" (this last option is only recommended for experts) , beyond "high-priority" updates.

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