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Do you want to know when a feature you care about is added or when a bug fixed?Email Validation Failed Alert " data-medium-file="

If it is a function of the additional abilities provided by the telerik grid (which I certain agree is superior) than so be it. The whole idea is to have 1 single page where a user can do everything they need to without having to be linked to another page. Submitting Web forms fields to sql database by clicking on SUBMIT FORM and sending the form fields to email box I have a created or designed a form to be stored in a SQL database table and at the same time when a user clicks on SUBMIT button the form fields will automatically goto the visitor email address immediately. Server Validate event handler, retrieve your ID from the Grid View Row reference or from the Data Keys collection and perform your SQL query. Now this gridview has the edit/update property so the user can modify their customer information. Web form and a gridview on the same page with data validators I have a form where a user can submit a new customer and directly below that is a gridview where they can view the customer they just submited plus their other customers they have submited in the past.On this page we can submit new customer info and view the status/info of existing customers and edit that info as needed. Also i have created a database with tables for each of this forms Pls help i have over 10 forms designed but the problem of submitting them to the table database and the user email address is the challenge now....

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