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Already it was the 23rd of December when Haruka Nanase finally realized it was almost Christmas.

His first Christmas in his first apartment with his boyfriend of three phenomenal years, Makoto Tachibana.

Winner Audience Award at the Arras Film Festival Award 2012.

Director Michaela Kezele, who spent her childhood in former Yugoslavia, paints a realistic and uncompromising portrait of a love that defies ethnic barriers, but is doomed by the hatred that continues to simmer in the Balkans to this day.

While many wanted to be more than the traditional wife and mother, they stuck to old-fashioned values because either their positions required them to do so, or out of their own desire.

Most of the photographs of the exhibition were taken by men who presented the women according to the photographer's wishes.

A special exhibition is focusing on iconic women of the 60s and 70s.

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You don't age, you don't get wrinkles on your face, and you can't die of old age until then.

Little Danilo has not spoken a word since, and Vlado has become a hooky-playing loner who dreams of owning a bright blue bicycle.

In order to be able to afford it, he dives into the Ibar every day to catch fish which the kiosk owner buys from him for a few coins.

Jackie Kennedy Onassis, Katharine Hepburn, Barbra Streisand and Diana Ross are among the icons featured.

Public vs Private perceptions "There are big differences between what the women portrayed publicly and how they were in real life," said the curator of the exhibition, Alina Heinze.

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