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The residence suffered heavy damage due to the fire, and no emergency personnel were injured.

Can they tell us where to put our embassy in Canada? “I’m not talking about relations with Canada or Israel. in 1967 basically said, after the Six-Day War, Israel can trade land for peace.

I’m talking about Germany saying, ‘Well, you can’t put your embassy in Canada “Obviously the Middle East is a sensitive area,” he conceded. But you ought to do what the United States needs to have done. Up until the resolution Obama allowed to go through, two days before Christmas, that was the basis for peace in the Middle East.

“I think one of the things that distinguished Donald Trump, and you can see it even in his first days in office, is during the campaign he said ‘I’m going to do X, Y, and Z’ – and miraculous to behold, he’s actually “The kind of exception, at this point, appears to be moving the embassy.

As I think we’ve commented before, you can move the embassy by taking the plaque off the wall at our consulate building in Jerusalem and putting up a sign that says ‘U. Embassy.’ You can build a bigger embassy, the full-scope embassy, obviously over a longer period of time, but you could make the dramatic move quickly,” Bolton argued.“I very much fear that what’s happening is that foreign countries, the State Department, maybe some inside the administration are saying, ‘Oh, but it’s going to cause difficulties. It’ll hurt the interests of Israel and the United States,’ and this and that and the other thing, which is what they say every time this issue comes up,” he said.

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