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Obviously, if I had used IMAP instead of POP over the last 18 years, it would be trivial to point a different email program at my IMAP server.

But like most Eudora users, I used POP because IMAP was relatively uncommon for a long time, and even after IMAP became more widely available, Eudora was never a very good IMAP client.

Eudora stores emails in a modified mbox format (*.mbx), which uses plain text files instead of a database as Microsoft Outlook does.

I’ve been avoiding writing about how to convert email out of Eudora for several years now.

This is a free email connection that can be set up and used very easily by pros.

Eudora comes packed with tools that professionals are sure to love and it can be set so that everyone in a company can share the same information and formats instantly in order to utilise uniform business communications.

Throughout that time, I’ve been using Gmail — through the excellent Mailplane — for my everyday email (see “Zen and the Art of Gmail, Part 1: Why I Switched,” 16 March 2011).

Some of these have been accepted into and become part of Thunderbird, while others are still awaiting acceptance.Eudora OSE is the Open Source Edition of one of the internet’s most pioneering and enduring applications.It is a re-imagining and re-implementation of classic Eudora features on top of the Mozilla Thunderbird codebase.It also supported several palmtop computing platforms, including Newton and the Palm OS. Originally distributed free of charge, Eudora was commercialized and offered as a Light (freeware) and Pro (commercial) product.Between 20 the full-featured Pro version was also available as a "Sponsored mode" (adware) distribution.

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