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Although it can take some time when I'm counseling a man to get him to finally admit, Not surprising, it's much more common for women to express relationship dissatisfaction than it is for men.

Infants begin to trust their needs will be met and that the world is a safe place.

Sure, you can sue your ex-partner in an attempt to recover the amount of your financial interest in the property, but this type of lawsuit is often difficult to win, as most states have a strong legal presumption that the person whose name appears on the deed is the owner.

In any case, a lawsuit designed to prove that a person whose name does not appear on the deed is a co-owner is likely to be expensive, stressful, and time-consuming.

Predictable patterns of contact and familiarity is important--same location every time, if possible.

Frequent and shorter contacts can help attachment and are much better than longer times spaced far apart.

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