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CHAMPAGNE and tea was shared at a ladies evening to raise money for women with breast cancer.

Kate Kinsella and Tracey Connor organised the evening as a way to meet new people and raise much-needed funds for local organisation, Blush Cancer Care.

Making a Girl Turn Red Knowing What to Avoid Community Q&A If you're trying to woo a girl, there's nothing like seeing her face flush red as she tries to suppress a smile.

Seeing this is a major sign that you're doing something right. Making a girl red with romantic feelings (and not anger) can take serious practice, so start learning and practicing today and one day you can be a master when it comes to making girls blush.

Wouldn’t you appreciate it if you took a lot of time to dress well and your date complimented you on how nice you look? Your date did notice the fact that you’ve cleaned up.Ms Kinsella said about 0 was raised on the right, with about 100 people at the Greenmount Hall."We had heard about Blush around town and wanted to do something, Tracey and I are very community orientated," she said.Be genuine when you compliment a girl, and if she does see the sincerity in your eyes, she’ll be more flattered and will appreciate your compliment.If you’re just playing out rehearsed compliments, she would only feel uncomfortable and annoyed when she realizes you’re just trying to compliment her to get your way into her pants.

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    CHAMPAGNE and tea was shared at a ladies evening to raise money for women with breast cancer.

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